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Sean Parker has been very busy with his latest project the Screening Room. If you don’t know who he is then here’s all you need to know. Sean Parker is 37 and he co-founded Napster which was brought down for legal reasons. He is also one of the biggest parts in Facebook’s success as well as Spotify. So yeah go say thank you.

So the Cinema. Everyone has probably been at some stage. Your parents mention drive throughs and old films you think are terrible. But Cinema’s now are still a social place but with high costs to watch a film and with streaming becoming very popular. They’re slowly fading out.

This is why Sean Parker thought of the idea of making a Home Cinema. Although being slated by Movie studios and companies because of piracy fears and a loss of money. The studios got scared for the piracy fears and they like to sue anyone who watches, downloads or streams illegally. Don’t give the DVD to your friend they never paid for the rental. But it has become a lot easier now to watch films whilst staying at home like Netflix. But Netflix is in trouble. They might have a lot of subscriptions but they also spend a lot on films and tv shows. It has been reported before that they’re on the way of making losses.

Sean Parker, however, has been working hard to make a Home Cinema which is a setup box that will sit in your home “Probably like a Sky TV Box”. You will get a new film on the same date and same time as its release. Allowing you to not have to go out to the cinema pay £20 for tickets for two then but £15 of food and instead have a romantic meal or something quick and you can sit back in your seat and watch a brand new movie. However, don’t expect to save much money on the Home Cinema Why? Because it’s a new movie and movie studios don’t like not making profits.


Well this is the issue. Our technology is getting smarter allowing easy use to find anything you want on the internet. An encryption will have to be strong as well as other technology to stop any recording devices recording the film. This is what the studios are scared of. As well as that you have live streamers who could easily record the tv. This will be the main part that will be being worked on and I assume it will take a bit of time. Sean hasn’t released a lot and has no release date mentioned so we will have to wait.

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