“Prince Harry can always walk away”: Republic

Campaigners have said reluctant royals should stand aside and make way for an effective head of state.

The comments come after an interview in which Prince Harry claimed no royal wants to be king.

Campaign group Republic said today that if Harry is right, we neeed a national debate about ending the monarchy.

Graham Smith, the group’s CEO, said:

“If this is true, that no royal really wants to be king, then I have some sympathy.  But the honest truth is Harry can walk away whenever he likes.”

“It’s going to be hard for the royals to step back and see this objectively, but we don’t need them to carry on.  If they are reluctant royals then they should walk away – Britain will be fine without them.”

“It seems they’re reluctant to do the work, but happy to take the perks and privileges that come with the role. Harry is wrong to think that he should stay on, out of some duty to the country. The country can easily find others to take on the role of head of state.”

“What Britain needs now more than ever is an effective, accountable head of state, one that’s independent of the prime minister.  There’s a real job to do and it’s not one the royals are willing to do or capable of doing.”

“The monarchy isn’t fit for purpose in the twenty first century – it isn’t good for Britain.  It seems it isn’t good for the Windsor family either.”

[Source: Republic]

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

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