The original Lemonade-gate video?

Tower Hamlets Council in London have recently apologised after their zealous jobsworth ‘enforcement’ officers left a five-year-old girl terrified and in tears. The young child, with her father’s blessing, had set up a lemonade stand outside her family home, offering festival-goers on their way to the Lovebox Festival a drink for 50p. This incident is now known as lemonade-gate.

Four heavy-handed and uncompromising enforcement officers marched over to the girl, fined her £150, and demanded she shut up shop immediately. The frightened child ran sobbing into her house, asking her father through tears ‘Have I done a bad thing?’.

The internet community rallied around this innocent girl, demanding justice and an explanation. Due to media interest and public outrage, Tower Hamlets Council eventually apologised and announced they had cancelled the fine. ‘We expect our enforcement officers to show common sense and to use their powers sensibly. This clearly did not happen.’

Heroic businesses such as the shopping-chain Morrisons defied the insane bureaucracy and even offered the young victim the opportunity to run her stand in their shops whenever she wanted.

In March 2016, Bill Doherty Jr. created a spoof video of a young girl being terrified by police officers for running a lemonade stand. While this video is a fiction, it is reminiscent for how the young girl must have felt after being terrorised by the people she thought were there to protect her.

Bill Doherty Jr. explains the motivation for his video. ‘A little girl builds a lemonade stand on a sunny summer afternoon. . But unfortunately this is not her how to build a lemonade stand or how to make lemonade story. She gets shut down by the board of health, I.R.S, and their military back up. See her story.

7 year old entrepreneur Chrystal ventures off into the business world and builds her very first self-owned and operated lemonade stand.

When an over zealous board of health official, I.R.S. agent, and their military backup show up ready to shut down any and all lemonade stands that don’t play by the rules.

This film is written and directed by: Bill Doherty Jr. (
Cinematography by: Andrew Nalband
Starring: Samantha Loewen, Bill Doherty Jr (, Brian D. Evans (, Jeff Kamps, Jessie Nugent, and Candace Loewen.

This film made it’s world premiere at the 2011 Boston International Film Festival on April 17, 2011.

This is a 28 in 2 Production
Check us out on facebook:…

This short film was edited by 28 in 2 productions.’

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