How to motivate yourself for the day ahead

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So you’re looking to motivate yourself every day. It’s hard, you wake up some days feeling refreshed and others you just don’t want to do anything.  But there is a lot of useful tools to help you with everyday life, business and personal.

I’m 19 years old and I’ve found it hard to really know how to quit the distracting parts and making sure I can maintain my health to carry on performing to my best. But I’ve just started to motivate myself more and focus on my businesses. How I did this and the useful tools I used are below. Enjoy!

Fabulous App

Honestly one of the best apps I’ve come across. Morning ritual bible for your phone. It allows you to set an alarm like every other business man, entrepreneur, motivator etc. The general time for top entrepreneurs is around 5:30 am. A time where you’re up before the sunrise and a way of making the most of your day. This is my routine atm for the morning.

  • Drink Water 🚰
  • Meditate 🙏
  • Make my bed 🛏️
  • Eat a great breakfast 🍴
  • Drink Tea 🍵
  • Take Vitamins (Omega 3 Fish Oil and Multivitamins) 💊
  • Shower 🚿
  • Breathe 💨
  • Write my To Do ❣️
  • Work on a secret project 🤐

Get the App here (For Android and IOS Beta) –

Product Hunt

Every day I wake up and look at awesome projects people have used. Giving constructive criticism but most of the time commenting a lot of positive thoughts and looking deeply into others projects. Product Hunt isn’t just for business people and you can see new ways of improving your life with peoples projects. It’s a website that allows you to read and visualise peoples work. It has even helped me to progress on my own businesses. Helpful developers and makers to everyone being supportive of one another. It’s a recipe for that morning grind.

Product Hunt (Website) –

Any Do, Todoist etc

My life became hectic. I would think, I would forget and I would repeat. It’s not very useful when this happens. My ideas and tasks I wanted to complete were not being done and this is where I ended up. I have the app Any Do on my phone to write daily tasks to complete and any that are a bit longer term. Setting alarms to help are very important and helps me know which parts of the day I would like to do a certain task is.

Any Do (All Platforms and Devices) –

Todoist (All Platforms and Devices) –

Others (Great Review) –

Journey or Day One

Journey and Day One allow you to write what you have done throughout your day. What you would like to do tomorrow. Any ideas you have and where you’ve been etc. It’s awesome. Writing down just lets all of that stress and stuff within your mind set free into an app you can close and look back at when you need to.

Get Journey (All Platforms and Devices) –

Get Day One (Mac and IOS –

This is a very small list of useful apps that I use on a regular basis. These will help with your daily activities. Whether you look on Instagram, take a Snapchat, tweet, watch the news or watch weird funny videos on facebook and youtube. It’s your turn to change the way you want to live. You can go to the gym but it doesn’t always let go of everything that’s on your mind meaning a restless sleep and even leading to a middle of the night wake up. You can find me on my Facebook Page –

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