Have you heard ‘The Devil and Jacob Snider’ yet?

Have you heard the incredible ‘The Devil and Jacob Snider’ by Cas One vs Figure yet?

The up and coming rapper, who is signed to Strange Famous Records said about his latest song, ‘We wanted to make something as intimate and personal as the topic of the song. We wanted to shoot something that was almost uncomfortable to watch. This is a culmination of the devils and demons that live in my head…and if you’re here..quite possibly your head too. We hope you enjoy.’

The video was edited and directed by Jakob Bilinski and shot by Joe Atkinsn and Bilinski.

‘The Devil and Jacob Snider’ comes from the album ‘So Our Ego’s Don’t Kill Us’ and can be bought from Amazon here.

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the devil and jacob snider

Buy ‘So Our Ego’s Don’t Kill Us’ from Amazon


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