Check out Lady Gaga’s merch with Urban Outfitters

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Lady Gaga and Urban Outfitters have linked up for an exclusive 10-piece Joanne-themed collection.

The collection consists of tees, a hoodie, and a satin bomber jacket. There are metal elements to it, too, but Gaga (thankfully) breaks away from that trend and, instead, adds old photos of herself and technicolored graphics to the mix. It shows a new wave of trends which will more than likely take over and sell out (maybe) depending on stock.

Urban Outfitters will begin selling the collection on May 19 at 5pm; it hits UO’s website on May 22. Exact prices for the pieces haven’t been released yet, but a press release informs us that the line ranges from $16 to $279 (you know that’s the bomber jacket). In addition to the apparel, 2,000 limited-edition pink vinyl presses of Joanne will hit stores exclusively on May 19. Better be ready for that drop because Gaga fans are about to go mental.

Check out the collection in our gallery below.


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