Matthew Cooke advises how to survive a police encounter #BlackLivesMatter

With the shocking and unbelievable death of Charleena Lyles, people of all backgrounds have united in outrage. How can a pregnant mother, terrified for her life, reporting a burglary to the police, then be shot and murdered for it?

With so many innocent citizens being slaughtered by their ‘protectors’, people across America are wondering how to avoid becoming the next victim. Meanwhile, the world watches this crisis unfold, trying to work out who or what exactly the US police are supposed to be protecting.

The excellent writer/director Matthew Cooke has produced a film for everyone, warning and advising how to come out of an encounter with aggressive police officers alive.

Please watch this clip and feel free to share it with friends and family and stay safe out there.

Matthew Cooke said, ‘This [clip] is for raising awareness on the criminal justice crisis in America. A friend just told me this story: “My 9 year old niece was watching a news story where a homeless man collapsed in the park crying because the police took his dog away for not having a license and he couldn’t afford one. She asked me “What happened to the police?? How come they don’t care anymore?”. This was my response:

We now have the largest prison system in the world. 2.2 Million people. More prisoners than China. More than the Russian gulags. This is not because there something wrong with Americans… or anything right with the system itself.

Our prisons don’t work at reducing crime. Nearly 80% of people going through the state system return within 5 years. This is big business, not about justice and not about public safety. And that’s why our brave Americans choosing law enforcement are being trained to force people to “obey” – even with deadly force — as a priority over a patient, much more meaningful process of conflict resolution.

And that’s why we have no “use of force laws” in a single state of our union meeting international standards for human rights. If we did, there would be less people in prison. And the prison lobby wouldn’t like that.

And that’s the simple part of my understanding as to why our laws and the enforcement of them “don’t care” anymore. Because they aren’t about caring. They’re about money.

Let’s all do our part to reform the criminal justice system for everyone: minorities, majorities, victims, those who’ve lost their way, police officers, dogs, plants, animals… everyone.’

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Written by MarkCross

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