Hidden gem books: Bethan White – Downward

What’s your favourite unknown read?

Bethan White – Downward. There are so many books published each and every day that many great reads simply disappear in the flood of new titles. We are always on the look out for hidden gems and your favourite unknown reads so get in touch if you have any suggestions. This week we’d like to recommend to you a book called Downward by Bethan White.

Below is the book description and a link to buy. It is available as an e-book, paperback or audio book.

bethan white downward



“There is nothing extraordinary about Chris Rowan. Each day he wakes to the same faces, has the same breakfast, the same commute, the same sort of homes he tries to rent out to unsuspecting tenants.

There is nothing extraordinary about Chris Rowan. That is apart from the black dog that haunts his nightmares and an unexpected encounter with a long forgotten demon from his past. A nudge that will send Chris on his own downward spiral, from which there may be no escape.

There is nothing extraordinary about Chris Rowan…”

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Why not show your love and support for new writers like Bethan? You can purchase the book from (click here) or (click here).


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