Lucky Jack and the bizarre satisfaction of scratchcard voyeurism

All the scratching with none of the expense

Join Lucky Jack on his scratchcard adventures

We stumbled upon ‘Lucky Jack’ on YouTube. His videos show with taking on the gods of luck and fortune by filming himself rubbing at lottery scratchcards like something demented.

That is it… but there is something strangely enjoyable, therapeutic and hypnotising about watching it. Probably the same feeling little¬†folk get with unboxing and toy videos.

Have a watch of the clips below, click subscribe and send your love to Lucky Jack for us, you can follow him on Twitter too.

What do you think? Satisfying eye fodder or a complete waste of five minutes of your life? Get in touch and let us know and have a browse of our site while you are here.

lucky jack
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Written by MarkCross

Assignment Editor for Press On This. Twitter @MarkCrossPOT

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