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Who will win the most important competition of the year (and your life) and be crowned champion of the fizzy drinks.

Who will win the most important competition of the year (and your life) and be crowned champion of the fizzy drinks in the world famous Fizzy Drink World Cup.

The PoT 2017 Fizzy Drink World Cup has got off to a flying start with 656 votes to decide our first two qualifying drinks.

Group B saw a neck and neck battle between Pepsi Max and Tango Orange, with both qualifying for the next round.

Group C was no different with Mountain Dew and Coke Zero fighting it out for the top spot.

Group D was another tense one with Fanta and Monster Energy Drink battling to a draw.

Orangina was the clear winner for Group E (‘Orange’ you glad you voted…) with Schweppes taking a comfortable second place.

A bitter struggle raged in Group F, with Coca-Cola taking a clear lead. However, a last minute rallying cry from Irn-Bru ensured the sugar free version of the drink safely survived the round.

Group G saw another draw between Rockstar Energy Drink and Sunkist.

Group H, the last round of the group stage saw Bulldog Energy Drink victorious with Tango Apple stealing runner-up position from Cherry Coca-Cola at the last minute.

Group Stage

Group A
Dr Pepper 55% (qualified)
Diet Coke 22% (qualified)
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 15%
Irn Bru 8%

Group B
Pepsi Max 40% (qualified)
Tango Orange 38% (qualified)
Fizzy Vimto 14%
Ben Shaws Dandelion and Burdock 8%

Group C
Mountain Dew 40% (qualified)
Coke Zero 40% (qualified)
7UP 20%
Lucozade Energy 0%

Group D
Fanta 30% (qualified)
Monster Energy Drink 30% (qualified)
Sprite 20%
Lilt 20%

Group E
Orangina 56% (qualified)
Schweppes Lemonade 22% (qualified)
Rubicon Mango 11%
Shloer White Grape 11%

Group F
Coca-Cola (original) 39% (qualified)
(Sugar free) Irn-Bru 38% (qualified)
Pepsi (original) (17%)
Tizer (6%)

Group G
Rockstar Energy Drink 38% (qualified)
Sunkist 38% (qualified)
Dr Brown’s Black Cherry 13%
A & W Root Beer 11%

Group H
Bulldog Energy Drink 44% (qualified)
Tango Apple 23% (qualified)
Cherry Coca-Cola 22%
Dr Pepper Zero 11%

Knockout Stage

Dr Pepper 50%
Schweppes Lemonade 50%
(rematch: Schweppes Lemonade 60%, Dr Pepper 40%)

Coca-Cola (original) 86%
Pepsi Max 14%

Mountain Dew 55%
Sunkist 45%

Tango Apple 69%
Monster Energy Drink 31%

Fanta 82%
Bulldog Energy Drink 18%

Rockstar Energy Drink 53%
Coke Zero 47%

Irn-Bru (sugar free) 81%
Tango Orange 19%

Orangina 59%
Diet Coke 41%

Quarter Finals

Dr Pepper 41%
Coca-Cola (original) 59%

Mountain Dew 64%
Tango Apple 36%

Fanta 83%
Rockstar Energy Drink 17%

Irn-Bru (sugar free) 85%
Orangina 15%

Semi Finals

Coca-Cola (original) 75%
Mountain Dew 25%

Fanta 15%
Irn-Bru (sugar free) 85%

Grand Final

Irn-Bru (sugar free) 77%
Coca-Cola (original) 23%

IRN-BRU are the 2017 Fizzy Drink World Cup champions!

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, as next week we will bring four new drinks to you, your favourites can only survive with your vote!

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Written by MarkCross

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