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Favourite Genesis/Sega Mega Drive Games of the ’90s – Did Yours Make the List?

Take a trip down memory lane with these old classics

You say Genesis, I say Mega Drive – either way, it’s… mega… fun… or something…

Were you gaming in the early ’90s? Do you remember the good old days of cartridges, and having to blow the friggin’ things to get the dust off? Do you remember the old VHS style cases that could survive a nuclear war? Then you, my filthy friend, remember the Mega Drive. So join us on a trip down memory lane, as we remind you of some of the classic games from the past.

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The youth of today might have VR, GTA and COD all that stuff; but they will never know the sheer joy of a scrolling beat ’em up. 3D brought in a golden age, but we must never forget, nor let our children forget, that with the nextgen consoles¬†came the end of an era.

We have painfully narrowed this down to 12, and we know it is going to cause upset and outrage if we’ve missed your childhood favourites. Get in touch and let us know which of your picks we’ve missed?

Streets of Rage

We don’t care what anyone says; this will always remain the greatest beat ’em up with the greatest soundtrack.

World Cup Italia 90

Remember the good old days when you could thrash your mates 17-4 in a football match?

Mortal Kombat II

The game that arguably gave rise to the first rage-quits in history.

Earthworm Jim

We all remember the salamander level, but we don’t know why…

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic was the king of gaming until 3D game along and forced him into tragedy.

Duck Hunt

The gun… the gun…

Altered Beast

No teenager will ever believe you if you told them this used to be one of the most sought after and hi-tech games in the arcade.

Desert Strike

Real(ish) people in cut-scenes, the future had arrived.


All crappy modern phone games owe a debt of gratitude to this paragon of the puzzle world.

Duke Nukem 3D

It’s time to kick ass and chew gum, and all that.

Road Rash

Yes, we know you secretly used to fancy Natasha. We forgive you your sins.

Cannon Fodder

The test to becoming a man is sending off Jools and Jops to the grave of heroes. Don’t – let – them – see – you – cry…


Written by MarkCross

Assignment Editor for Press On This. Twitter @MarkCrossPOT

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