3 Dog Championship: ‘Energy’ by Avelino vs ‘Believe’ by Benjamin Booker vs ‘Yellow’ by Ferris

The epic 3 Dog Championship rages on…

Vote for your song of the week. 3 Dog Championship: Battle Six (First Round).

This week, we bring three of our favourites song to you for your consideration. In pure democratic form, we would like you to decide the winner. The victor will make it through to the semi finals of the 3 Dog Championship. They will join TCTS, MansionzBabymetal, Logic and Yonas.

Our three contenders are ‘Energy’ by Avelino vs ‘Believe’ by Benjamin Booker vs ‘Yellow’ by Ferris.

Have a listen to the three tracks below and when you’ve decided, pick your winner on our Twitter poll, by clicking here. Your favourites won’t get through without your help, so get clickin’ sucker(s).

The winner will be announced next week.

Also, feel free to get in touch and suggest some of your favourite tunes; it doesn’t need to be a brand new song either; we’re not monsters, just something not obvious and from an artist/group still active. If one of our three judges love it, they might nominate it.

Avelino – Energy

Benjamin Booker – Believe

Ferris – Yellow

3 dog cup
Buy Avelino – Energy

3 dog cup
Buy Benjamin Booker – Believe



Written by MarkCross

Assignment Editor for Press On This. Twitter @MarkCrossPOT

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