ZRKLDN the newest fashion collection for your wardrobe

ZRKLDN has just set up shop and has released several items with a similar taste to Fear of God and Off-White. The brand has been set up by YouTuber ZerkaaHD and Redman.


ZRKLDN is an emerging label that specialises in t-shirts and hats at the moment in a seemingly unstoppable trendsetting force in the fashion industry. The brand’s founders and designers, ZerkaaHD (Josh Zerker) and Redman (Lewis) helped push their label in the direction of an upcoming fashion centrepiece via a multi-level market attack that includes there ZRKLDN collections. (The look book itself has an epic 15 images, which feature Glen Abrantes and a guy by the name of Micheal)

Photo by: @mabdulle

Much of the new collection is the stuff that already exists in the fashion industry. The nostalgia for the new front design of a logo or text slightly underneath the collar, grunge-d outfits, and above all the hoodie-driven cosiness. But what’s different is with a unique logo sort of like the Scream mask and a Snake put together it’s something different that’s for sure. ZRKLDN is a British brand with a focus not so much on premium (we go to Cambridge style) but a more we’re from London sense of fashion.

The Collection may be the label’s first collection, but ZRKLDN’s devotees know a surplus of goods has never been the brand’s issue—it’s managing to scoop up the pieces before they’re gone forever. Because of the brand’s founders fan base, it will be ever-growing in popularity among rappers, athletes, YouTuber’s, and any other category of famous person, it won’t be long before a hoodie or a pair of pants winds up on the right person, gets paparazzi snapped, and flies off store shelves. If that doesn’t make you a believer in ZRKLDN’s unstoppability, we don’t know what will.

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