Who is newly signed Hip-Hop/Pop Duo Xuitcasecity

Xuitcasecity is a new Hip-Hop/Pop Duo consisting of artists Mike Gomes, 25 and Cam Young, 23. Two individuals who were singers on their own before coming together to form Xuitcasecity.

About and the beginning.

Gomes was born in Rhode Island, and Young in New Jersey, both grew up in different regions of the Sunshine State. Gomes’ father gifted him an electric guitar when he was 15 years old, which he still plays to this day, and Young, in his senior year of high-school, would compile CD-mixtapes that were self admittedly, “pretty bad,” but as he went through tape after tape, received encouragement from friends to pursue rapping as a full-time career.

Gomes and Young met on Facebook as solo artists in 2010 when Young would send him “heaps of tracks that probably weren’t listened to [at first],” but when Gomes finally did, he thought to himself that they “could create a better quality of music together.” The duo then merged as solo artists, releasing numerous collaborations. Years later, with Gomes in California and Young in Virginia, communication dwindled and ceased, until the two reunited in Tampa, Florida where Young approached Gomes with the idea of giving it their all as a duo under the moniker “suitcase city,” specifically stylized XUITCASECITY, as the X would differentiate them from those already in the industry. Young was the mastermind behind the original idea of the duo, and Gomes adds, “When Cam approached me with the name [suitcase city], he had it all thought out. The name wasn’t just that, as there was a vision behind it, work put in.” Suitcase city meant A “fast part of town” that is attempting to “create an achievable vision,” Young’s habitation here was where the idea for XCC was born, developed, and the vision itself formed.

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The difficulty for XCC was finding their niche as they “were trying to find a sound, trying to be different than anyone else, instead of making whatever song,” says Young. Musically influenced by a collection of genres ranging from rap to alternative rock, they were stumped in the direction they needed to head. Late Night was the opener on a project that has since been taken down, and consequently, the foundation for XCC as it set the genre they hoped to establish with a “quality of difference” that “once you heard it, you knew it was going to be a sick ass song,” says Gomes. That was the magical formula to their sound, as the duo agreed “this is how we’re going to make all the other projects sound.”


Xuitcasecity’s song “bout you” started to gain publicity in the hundreds of thousands of streams per song on platforms Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Their first show was a last minute pop-up for a crowd of 400 people at New York City’s Up & Down nightspot. Seasoned stage veterans, Gomes and Young performed Bout You, their first release, and “the rush was completely different than what we were used to. It set the tone—if people were already reacting to the record like this, then we could only imagine what would be when people really started to hear it,” says Gomes.

Since they’ve started they have been verified on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as setting up a Vevo Channel and even being Signed. Not only this but also making it to the #3 spot on the popular chart. Since then they’ve been in the studio with artists such as dvbbs as well as releasing merchandise.

They’re definitely ones to listen too since these two guys will be making some hits soon leading them to the top of the music charts. Listen to their Song “Bout You” below and look out for our article tomorrow for their new single “Criminals”

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Listen to XUITCASECITY’s New Song “Criminals”