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Samsung Galaxy S8: Features and How a Influencer got to the top with non-paid ads for Samsung

Samsung took to stages around the world today to unveil their latest pair of smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Coming in at 5.8″ for the S and 6.2″ for the S+ and having nearly wall-to-wall screen, Samsung is clearly taking this opportunity to perfect and polish the biggest gun in their arsenal.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus specs at a glance:

  • 5.8in and 6.2in Quad HD+ (1,440 x 2,960) edge-to-edge display
  • 18:9 aspect ratio
  • 1.7GHz + 2.5GHz octa-core Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 835
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 12-megapixel camera with f/1.7 aperture
  • Non-removable battery – S8: 3,000mAh & S8 Plus: 3,500mAh
  • USB Type-C connector
  • 64GB internal storage with microSD card expansion slot (256GB)
  • IP68 water-resistant
  • Fingerprint sensor at the back
  • Bixby voice integration
  • Android 7 Nougat
  • Out on 28 April 2017
  • S8 cost: £689 & S8 Plus cost: £779

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We saw a rise in Social Influencers taking part in campaigns for the new Samsung Galaxy S8. One of the top mobile supporters in the UK was Vodaphone who took on two big YouTuber’s Oli White and Jack Maynard the brother of Pop star Conor Maynard.

Here’s the Campaign’s:

Two paid advertisements by Vodaphone. But was it really a success in sales. With 931,000 followers for Oli White and 400,000 followers for Jack Maynard. Vodaphone received over 856,000 & 700,000 views on Facebook Live with only 600+ and 1,100+ likes. With about 800 comments and just over 200 shares.

How a Micro-Influencer Broke two top Influencers with non-paid ads for Samsung.

But there were some people who showed they didn’t have to be a huge YouTuber. Ben Greenwood was one of those who did a campaign based on the Samsung Livefeed. Paid however was a no but the stats are mind blowing and with only 116,000 followers this put’s into perspective those with large followings but influencer marketing companies only find those they think will make an impact. But if you really look into the followings of those who have a larger following most of the time their followers have a younger age interaction.

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