10 Signs You Are Amazing at Battlefield 1

You don’t seek victory, you ARE victory!

#1. Highest Death Toll

When playing a map, you are the player with the highest body count. The sheer amount of kills you’ve amassed compared to other players means you’re firmly at the top of the leaderboard. Keep at it though, if someone ends up killing more players than you, you’ll end up in second place instead. However, keep highest for the entire map and you’ll end up with the ball-bustingly pleasant experience of being THE number one.

#2. Grenade King

You’re a support class winner; you can fire off your grenade launcher across the map and the subsequent explosion ends up killing an opponent who you couldn’t even see. Who are you? Nostradamus?

#3. Super Sniper

Suckers better watch out, you’re an expert with your sniper rifle. You’re up there with the best; that Finnish guy in the war, that Russian bird in the war and that American one with the beard in the other war. Your friends love you, your enemies fear and despise you. With good cause – you can split their head open like a mad balloon from 300m – but you know what they say, ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game.’ And if they do hate the game, then why are they playing it, stoopids!

#4. Shovel Slaughter

Guns are for losers, you’re like that bloke in ‘The Last Samurai’, you show the others that gunpowder is a coward’s weapon, you like to get up close and personal. Out of nowhere, you appear and start whackin’ and smackin’ the foe with your shovel. If you’re good enough, you can even deflect their rubbish bullets with your implement, so they ricochet of the metal and end up back in the gun-lovers stupid faces.

#5. Dog Fighter

You put the Red Baron, Erich Hartmann and Tom Cruise to shame with your aerial expertise. When fighting one-on-one in your plane, you shoot down more opponents then you get shot down yourself, giving you a net surplus. No one’s ever won a war being in deficit.

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#6. Tank Boy / Girl

You say no anti-thanks to anti-tank weapons. Even when your tank is smashed up and smouldering, you’ve got no beef with cracking open that metal lid, wrench in hand and getting that thing back to work. Your commander will be sure to give you his most sincere tanks!

#7. Parachute Killer

You are the terror of the skies; you’re braver than a boiled egg at Easter. You throw yourself out of the plane, unleash your sexy silk parachute and float graciously to the ground – but that’s not the end of it, on the way down you shoot your gun and end the miserable life of one of your unsuspecting foes, all this before you’ve even hit terra firma! Thank God you’re on our side (unless you’re on the other side).

#8. Five Kill Frank

When you strut onto the battlefield, you cause your allies to pause, stand up, then pause again; they take off their helmets and wipe their sweaty brows to get a good look at the man who is going to turn the tide of the war. You are one of the hand-full of players who can kill between 3 – 5 enemy combatants before getting killed yourself. You’re a champion, and you know it too.

#9. Silky Survivor

You’re a survivor, you’re not going to give up. You know victory comes in many ways, and being gung-ho is just one. Didn’t Sun Tzu once say something like ‘I can’t be arsed to fight’ or something? You are a ghost on the battlefield, not only can you survive an entire map without dying, but you can survive an entire map without killing anyone either. Some may say you’re a fool, but they can’t because they’re dead and you’re not.

#10. Flare Gun Funster

You boss flares, and not the trousers necessarily, but the light-up-the-sky types that army men love. You don’t need guns, tanks or bombs, you don’t even need a shovel, all you need is a pack of flares to vanquish your foes. Pull this one off, and you are actually the mightiest Battlefield 1 player there has ever been.

Have you managed all ten of these?


Written by MarkCross

Assignment Editor for Press On This. Twitter @MarkCrossPOT

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